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Welcome to our web site.
     We hope you find the information you are looking for with regard to your inventory needs.  Please fill out an inventory needs form and submit it to us so that we can provide you with more specific information about your individual needs. If you prefer, you may phone us at 206-762-1205, or email us at sue@americaninventory.com.

Our Mission
     Our mission is to provide you with accurate inventories, 
performed in a timely manner, while giving you the best 
customer service possible.

Company Profile
     American Inventory Company has been in business in 
Seattle since 1959. It has been owned and operated 
locally since its inception. Though it began as a totally 
manual operation, collecting the early inventory data through voice recorders, it has kept up with technological
advancements through the industry.

     Through affiliation with Inventory Service Network
a national organization of Inventory Service Companies, 
we are able to provide service nationwide through 
networking.  The advantage to the customer is the ability 
to provide common report formats as well as centralized billing.