Inventory Needs Form
Employment Opportunities

We service Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Hawaii.  We are willing to travel to any area that is needed to perform the service.  We are affiliated with an organization with representation in many areas outside the Pacific Northwest, and can network a project if it makes sense to do so to save you money.

Financial Inventories (data collection includes price and quantity information as well as location and category specific information.)

SKU (barcoded or not) Inventories (data collection includes SKU, Price if desired, Qty, location and category). 

Asset Inventories.  We have performed asset inventories for a multitude of businesses, schools, and banks.  We can collect data either electronically (normally done if tags are barcoded) or manually.  We also have access to companies who print labels. 

Our experiences have included:

Retail, Wholesale, Campuses, Hotels, Pharmacies, Auto Parts, Hardware, Gift, Clothing, Bookstores, Smoke Shops, Craft Stores, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, Sporting Goods Stores, Nurseries, Jewelry Stores, Western Apparel/Boots, Card Shops, Asian Markets.

We will provide you with a complimentary visit to discuss your inventory needs.  At that time, we will ask a number of questions so that we can get a better idea of what kind of inventory will suit you best, while recognizing that you need to stay within your budget.  We will discuss methods, dates, hours, and cost, as well as crew size.  Once it is determined that we can serve you, we will arrange for mapping and gathering details for the inventory project.  Mapping and testing is billable and is only done once a decision is made to go ahead with scheduling your inventory. 


We have a variety of report formats we can offer.  Reporting can be done on hard copy, electronically, or a combination of the two.